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At this point I should have left him, but I didn't, bad mistake.

Now I'm yo old to move on and to be honest I just don't care any more.

When they cover it, the tone is often incredulous: Whadya know? Fortunately, there are marvelously satisfying ways to enjoy sex without intercourse. Women over 40 start to experience menopausal changes: Vaginal lubrication declines. And libido and sexual self-esteem frequently decrease.

Men over 40 start to notice that arousal takes more time.

You sound like you incorrectly believe that menopause is a sex-stopping event. The statement was only that there tends to be more dryness with menopause, but it is easily solved by applying lubrication in most cases. She always comes within minutes then enjoys more times just to be satisfying to herself and to me.

Very soon after as I left my wife who had lost interest in having sex with me, I finally fulfilled my lifelong dream of finding a lover with whom I could both talk to and have lots of uninhibited sex with. Furthermore, she enjoys sexual fantasy and never has caused me the stoppages of flowing energy that my wife caused with her silly inhibitions.

And many women lose interest by menopause, and have dryness which makes intercourse painful, though lubrication is supposed to help.

And in a partnership, all it takes is for just one of the two partners to be unable to have intercourse.

But that finding is misleading because many elderly don't have partners.Why the presumption that we should keep having sex?I hope that when I get old, that I no longer want sex.So people, you don't have to have a mediocre, frustrating sex life just because your spouse wants you to. But, of course, if it works for you it might work for some others. I have average about one or two a day, and more on some days.If your spouse won't talk about it or isn't willing to change, find someone else, either openly or discreetly. The theory is that the more you use it, the less you lose it!

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It is a good thing that women in my family get menopause in their 60's.

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